SME IT Solutions & Services

Empowering SMEs Through Innovation and Technology

Who are we?

Who we are is defined by how we deliver solutions for our clients.

SME IT Solutions & Services (SITSS) has continuously evolved and expanded its suite of solutions to address the needs of our clientele, and to maximize the potential of new technologies.

The need for business transformation has never been more emphasized. With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting workflows and organizational processes worldwide, small and medium businesses who used to hesitate when it comes to adapting are now practically coerced into transforming to catch up the “new normal” trends. It’s either you evolve, or risk ending up archaic.

SITSS guides clients on their paths to transformation to create lasting value.

Innovation and Technology Designed for SMEs. For Maximum Impact.

Our combined industry experiences, diverse skill sets, agile approach, assiduous attention to new relevant technologies and regular consultations with current clients and actual industry practitioners give us an edge – a true insight into how our systems will be used in the real-world.

Rather than creating IT systems akin to off-the-shelf software solutions, we take time to pick the brains of our users, our current clients, industry practitioners, consultants and do a thorough survey to create a holistic, yet scalable solution for SMEs to truly address their business challenges.

We hear you

As SMEs, we understand that you are working on certain budget restrictions. That is why our price models are carefully designed to suit your needs.

PRODUCTS & Services

  • Strategy and Consulting
  • Technology Solutions
  • MariaHR: End-to-End HR Solutions
  • DR Sentry: Physical Security Platform
  • Team Villas: Homeowners' Platform
  • Lending Management System
  • Online Marketing